1. don’t mind me while my life just gets 12983712786324 times more insane.


  2. "Meet and greet at church is the worst two minutes of an introvert’s life"

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    Waiting is a movement. People who wait have received a promise that allows them to wait. They have received something that is at work in them, like a seed that has started to grow. This is very important. We can only really wait if what we are waiting for has already begun for us. So waiting is never a movement from nothing to something. It is always a moving from something to something more.

    Waiting is also active. Most of us think of waiting as something very passive, a hopeless state determined by events totally out of our hands. But none of this passivity marks the waiting in scripture. It is active, because in our waiting we know that something is growing from the ground on which we are standing. Active waiting means to be fully present to the moment in a conviction that something is happening where you are and you want to be present to it.

    — Henry Nouwen, “A Spirituality of Waiting” (via yesdarlingido)

  4. I am more excited for the potential of this short-term unpaid opportunity than I am for my solid offer of a career from a leading healthcare software company.

    These little reminders that my long-term plan isn’t completely out of reach keeps me going. 


  5. "The violence we teach our sons in teaching them to Be Men is the same that keeps us up at night worrying about our daughters."
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  6. After All


              I know what it feels like to tolerate or even desire something that’s unhealthy for you. Like a guy who wants to keep you at arms length so you’re at his disposal—accessible when it’s convenient for him, but still far enough that you can’t hurt him or call him your own. If you’re in limbo with someone who makes just enough insinuations to keep you reading between the lines, looking for clues, searching for a reason to keep waiting…and waiting…and waiting… only to see that the waiting was not worth it, I’m here to write out the words you’ve buried in the back of your head. I’m no better than you. You are no more naive than me. I’ve been where you are, so I’m not going to say, “you know better than this” because you’ll just tell me that you know him better than me. And you’re right—which is why it’s time for you to be honest with yourself. I’m not here to argue with you. I’ve just come to speak the doubts you’re too afraid to say out loud. I haven’t come to offer you cliche opinions or pretty catch phrases. I know too well that recycled advice can’t penetrate your soul or tame the ache in your bones when insecurity and fear suffocates the voice of reason clawing at your conscious. I’m just here to give your dignity a fighting chance by turning the volume up so you will hear the truth you already know.

              Know that the more you feed a craving, the louder it will demand another bite. Know that it’s your choice to nurture or starve these cravings because they’re carving you into who you’re becoming. Know that people pick each other like flowers, and we’re all being pressed into each other’s pages, so choose wisely which stories you tuck into. Don’t climb into the stories of those who pretend they want you to fill up their pages when you know they’ll keep your corners dog-eared for too long before picking you up again. Know that it isn’t valiant or sexy to wait for things never promised. And know that while you will get second chances and new mercies with every daybreak, what a drag it is to keep choosing something that drains the color from your cheeks and empties the joy from your eyes with every sip. What a pity to fill a man with expectations when you’ve seen puddles left in his tracks. What a tragedy to let him occupy a role in your one wild and precious life when you could be pressing your smile into a shoulder that upholds your beautiful soul. I don’t care that he wants your lips if he doesn’t care for your happiness. I don’t care if he wants your body if he doesn’t want the life attached to it. Don’t accept affection that’s braided with manipulation. Don’t yield to hands that mold you into a shape that will never fit into his future. Why would you want his laugh when it mocks you for needing what he won’t offer?

              If he isn’t offering you the consistency you deserve; if he is not reciprocating the kind of love you want to cultivate; if you’re tired of making excuses for him and tired of ignoring the truth, then peel yourself from his page. This may not be for you, but if it is, I hope you do what’s best for your heart. You’ve only got one, after all.


  7. "He may love you. He probably does. He probably thinks about you all the time. But that isn’t what matters. What matters is what he’s doing about it, and what he’s doing about it is nothing. And if he’s doing nothing, you most certainly shouldn’t do anything. You need someone who goes out of their way to make it obvious that they want you in their life."
    — Wait, this is beautiful and so so similar to something I recently wrote! » “After All” (via yesdarlingido)

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  8. "I was so focused on pouring myself into you that I forgot I was becoming empty along the way."
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    I’m not here to provide answers. I’m here to join the discussion and invite you to share in the journey of exploring these taboo topics in light of what the love of Christ has compelled us to.

            We need to consider the fundamental normalcy of a person seeking to improve their quality of life instead of dwelling on the socially instilled stigma of how an individual should be able to develop their sense-of-self. We have to be mature enough to admit, “I may be ignorant, but because this particular topic is foreign to me, instead of being quick to extend judgement, I will make an effort to understand.” Instead of demonizing someones choices or behaviors, emphasize the beauty, freedom, and love of a Savior who extends himself to his creation—period.

              Continuing to segregating yourself from people you don’t relate to only alienates them in their experience and it is passivity and neglect that perpetuates condemnation—not the truth of Christ. Any mentality that prioritizes comfort over the call of Christ is a false gospel of conditional love and optional obedience. Jesus said the world would know us to be His disciples is by our love for people. Own up to the reality that your avoidance is rooted in fear and pride and stop distorting scripture to justify yourself. The power of grace and love is exponentially more important than any interjection of disapproval. If you’re going to go through life with an attitude of judgement that withdrawals from people instead of engaging them, do the reputation of Christianity a favor and stop attributing your views to the heart of a God you don’t resemble at all. 

    If you wish to respond, before you take the liberty of doing so, please read this post. Thanks for taking the time to read/watch.