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    I should do more of these.  Random thoughts based on whatever I happen to be reading that day.   Most of these will probably come out as nonsensical pieces, but I hope occasionally what I write will bless you in some way.

    I must forward this by saying I am by no means a scholar.  My views and interpretations of the Bible are a result of my limited perspective on life, faith, and Jesus.  There is no doubt in my mind that I’ll look back at some of these posts and shake my head at the text I have taken out of context and the absurd conclusions I draw, yet that’s the beauty of it right?  I think one of the hardest things to do is to put yourself out there, especially when you know there is a chance that you may be wrong.  

    Welcome to a glimpse of this journey.  As I gather what I have to seek God and the fullness of grace I find in Him, it’ll be fun. :)

    "Jesus replied, "You may go, Your son will live" The man took Jesus at His word and departed"  John 4:42

    I’ve heard this story, a lot.  A man with a sick son hears Jesus is in town, approaches him and BEGS Jesus to come heal his son.  Literally, begs. In a culture where image is everything, the appropriate response to seeing Jesus hardly seems like humility.   I suppose there is something deeply humbling when circumstances don’t go your way.  

    Jesus doesn’t go to the man’s house like the man requested.  Instead, Jesus leaves him with 7 words.  ”You may go, Your son will live”

    I am so deeply impressed by the man’s response.  in John 4:42 it says that “The man took Jesus at His word and departed.”  

    He didn’t see a miracle happen.  He didn’t get a divine revelation on the spot that Jesus would heal his son. He had no tangible evidence.  Or even spiritual evidence.  He only had Jesus’ word.  And he took it.  He believed it, and he then receiving the promise, departed.  

    I can’t help but wonder if I am ever like this.  If I ever live out a faith like this.  How often do I come to Jesus BEGGING for help.  He tells me that is is able and willing, and I just stay there.

    Is that the reasonable response?  Shouldn’t my response be a bit more faith-filled?

    Shouldn’t I be able to take God at His word and step out into life in faith that Jesus will do what He says he will do?  Shouldn’t I have the faith to walk toward and go see the results of his promised provision?

    I have absolutely nothing against spirituality, but I think it’s often easy to hide behind spirituality.   It’s easy to reason that staying in the presence of God is the faithful thing to do.  I mean, even I can’t really argue against that.  

    But, I do believe we are called to more than our own comfortable spiritual bubbles.  I think we’re called to faith.  A faith that leads to action. 

    If the man never walked away.  If the man never walked back into his life, back to his son, and toward the promises of Jesus.  He never would have seen the fulfillment of Jesus’ words.  I don’t want to miss out on the fulfillment of God’s promises over my life.

    I want to take God at His word.  

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